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SHADES OF CHERRY Juicy, healthy look

Shades of cherry

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Limited editon capsule with your favorite juicy shades. VELVET BLUR mini in Roseberry for a matte finish, SUPER SLICK in Cherry to add a touch of moisture and our newest SOFT BLUR powder for a finishing touch.


Press onto oily surface areas with a puff, or gently dust over the full face with a fluffy brush.


A setting powder that doubles as skincare. SOFT BLUR is a talc-free, buildable powder that locks in moisture to hydrate dry complexions while also managing excess oil. Unlike other setting powders, SOFT BLUR features a breathable, creamy-feeling formula rich in skin-conditioning ingredients for a soft, natural-matte finish. Skin is left looking softly blurred and smoothed — never cakey or dry. Infused with ultra-pure hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. 

100% VEGAN

Our products are always cruelty-free.


Our formulas are free of harmful preservatives.


Composed of renewable material, reducing the use of plastic by 70%.