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LIGHTBEAM Liquid Highlighter

“LIGHTBEAM is our golden hour lighting in a tube. We use it on our cheekbones, or mixed in with SUN FLUSH to add a subtle glow.” – Simi & Haze
Product Details

Sunlight, bottled. LIGHTBEAM is a versatile, skin-soothing liquid highlighter with a pearlescent finish. Smooth over the entire face as a luminous primer, tap onto cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a light-reflective highlight, or mix in with any foundation or tint to add a subtle glow. Infused with skin-soothing rose oil and three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid for a moisture-boosting effect, the water-gel formula melts seamlessly into the skin for a softly illuminated, lit-from-within glow — no glitter, stickiness, or shine.

How to use
  • As primer: Apply a dime-sized amount of LIGHTBEAM all over face with fingers or a brush; reapply to amplify glow.
  • As highlight: Tap 1 - 2 drops of LIGHTBEAM on cheekbones and above cupid’s bow with fingers, blending in with fingers or beauty sponge.
  • As mixing medium: Add a few drops of LIGHTBEAM to foundation, tinted moisturizer, or liquid tint, like SUN FLUSH All-Over Tint, to boost luminosity.

Pro tip: Mix LIGHTBEAM in with a creamy concealer, then blend into under-eyes to brighten and refresh.

  • Rose oil: Soothes and hydrates skin, while drawing in moisture.
  • Hyaluronic acid: 3 different weights draw in moisture and plump up fine lines.

Free of parabens, mineral oil, D5, talc and UV filters.